Just Write: On Blogging

My life is not all sunshine and butterflies. It may seem that way to the outside viewer but we are human too and with being human, comes pain, struggles, negativity and all that other stuff. But, I try to keep this space as bright and cheery as possible…

I’ve been documenting my life even before I could write. I wanted to start a journal at a very young age and so my mom wrote down what I told her. Shortly there after I was writing on my own and I eventually created years and years of journaling notebooks. High school hit and I caught the scrapbooking bug. I would spend hours organizing my pictures and placing them just so onto pages with silly sticker and paper embellishments and captions throughout. I had a large scrapbook for every year of highschool and even finished a few for my first couple years in college. I was the historian in the group and any time my friends and I would get together, those scrapbooks would be pulled out and mulled over. The pictures I chose were of our most happy times together. Looking back it seems our high school days were nothing but friends and fun, and isn’t this what we want to remember anyway? Flash forward to a couple of years ago when I was so inspired by so many lovely blogs, I put the scrapbook supplies away and started blogging myself. This is my way of documenting my life. And like scrap booking, I want to remember the highlights, the lovely days, the milestones. My life is not idyllic. It is pretty ideal for me and my family. But it’s far from ultimate idyllic. My blog portrays the best parts, the inspiring parts, the lovely parts- the parts I want to remember. There may be days when I open up even more and talk about things that are less than ideal. That’s all part of life and if I feel the need to share it, I will. But, I spend my time reading blogs that inspire me and pick me up and I want to emulate those by including the every day good in my life. My blog is a space to be personal to be honest and to show those moments I want to remember. It is my gratitude journal in a sense. And I am ever so grateful to be that historian for my family, so they may look back with fond memories, and I am ever so grateful to have yet another place to document the beauty of life.

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