tea and strawberries


solstice softie


weekend lunch


a cutie in a new dress


bubbles w gramma


water play






solstice dinner


more tea


tea at night




Summer Solstice weekend. I had high hopes for the solstice but plans fell through and I got sick with a yucky head cold. Despite much pouting (by me) and disappointment, we managed to have a very nice weekend. I have one incredible husband and the best parents a girl could ask for. These three people helped create a great solstice dinner on saturday night (a great recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks), kept Miss Eloise busy and happy when Mama needed some rest, kept me well hydrated with plenty of warm, soothing tea and just are all around the greatest. I managed to get a Solstice Sun Softie made for Ellie and my mom surprised her with a beautiful dress she made! This will definitely NOT be the only dress she makes now that I know she can make them! I’ve put in my orders. In fact my two sisters and I all want matching dresses. My mom will certainly be busy this summer!  I’m hoping with all the tea and liquids and cuddly baby and husband love I’m receiving I will be better in no time. I hate being sick, I don’t like resting and it’s officially summertime – I’m ready to play! Maybe next weekend.

How was your weekend?


-joining Amanda for weekending.



8 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. I hope your summer cold is better Summer. This is such a sweet blog, done so artfully. I love it. Hug those parents and hubbie and babe for me.

  2. looks like a beautiful weekend filled with love, good food and family 🙂 i do hope you feel much better soon. sorry i have been a bit awol…freelance jobs have come in…that and looking after little miss bea and hilltop…well, it does not leave me time for much else at the mo. i have missed my favourite blogs/bloggers, and that includes you and your wonderful space. feel better soon. xo

    • I so understand! No need to apologize! Glad to hear you are getting so much freelance work. That’s always good news. Take care and glad to see your happy face in my comment feed again! 🙂

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