Weekending: Father’s Day Edition

weekly granola


farmers market baskets

picnic club

shannons shortcake

good beer

picnic fun


bath time

fathers day things

daddy present

hike 1

bee balm

beach hike

beachy rocks

walking the trail



yellow mustard

burrito and shakes

Daddy and his girl




What a glorious weekend! Lots of sunshine! Lots of love and fun! Lots of beer!

Homemade granola, heavy baskets from the farmers market this week(we’re having company this week), and an oh-so-fun picnic in the park with friends. The strawberry shortcake in a jar was made with TLC by a lovely Mama, due to have her first-born any day now. Saturday ended with the regular bath hour and stories with Daddy.

Jeff’s first (official) Fathers Day. Ellie and I made him a book from this place. And Mommy wrote Daddy a note reminding him of all the things I love watching him do with his little girl. We had tea for breakfast and yogurt and homemade granola and then set out for a lovely morning walk/hike along a local beach path. Brunch was breakfast burritos and shakes from another local dive and some play time at the park for Ellie. We even got to visit the local brewery for a special Fathers Day beer.

We had my parents and sisters over for steak and potatoes (Daddies choice) and the joy led into the evening with chatting and play time in the yard. A beautiful Fathers Day Weekend if I do say so myself!

Cheers to all the Dads!

-joining Amanda for Weekending!


A Day in The City

on the train

in the ergo


boston strong

quincy market

crossing the busy streets

boston common

duck pond

botanical gardens


swan boats

swan boat fun

daddy and boo

back to the trains

If there was ever a place to feel truly like an American, the glorious city of Boston is that place. Every time I visit I love exploring this fantastic town. I feel like I’ve gone back in time with all the old, historical buildings and churches and I always wonder what the founding fathers (and mothers) would think of this bustling city now?

Today was Ellie’s first visit to the city of Boston. She took her first train ride into the city, watching out the windows as the houses and trees zipped by. She made friends with fellow train riders, waving to people and cooing at them. She stayed close to Mama in the ergo when we first walked through the city. She took it all in instantly, looking around at the buses, lights, nosies and masses of people walking everywhere. We went to Fanuiel Hall and Quincy Market for pizza. Then we walked all the way back to Boston Common where we sat and ate and let Ellie crawl around on the grass. The weather was warm and breezy, perfect for discovering a city for the very first time. After lunch we walked around the Common, past the Frog pond where Jeff’s family had taken me iceskating years ago. We strolled through the botanical gardens and stood in line for the Swan Boats. A delightful ride around the lake, we saw ducks with their ducklings and swans resting in the shade. Then as Ellie began to yawn, we headed back to the train and made our way home to Nana and Papa’s house for an afternoon nap. An exciting first trip to city for one little girl.


yellow flowers

fun work

neat wish plants



picnic fun


yummy food

record music time


dancing to sinatra

strawberry festival



The weather was beautiful this weekend and we wanted to get out as much as possible to enjoy it! We enjoyed a wonderful picnic in the park with new friends on saturday. Ellie got to play with baby friends while Mama and Daddy chatted and enjoyed yummy picnic food (these new friends of ours can sure cook)! I got lots of time to work on Cory’s fun peacock sampler. I’m learning all sorts of new stitches thanks to you tube. Jeff and I had a little impromptu date of farmers market cherries,  lemon quartz cheese and the final episode of The Office (while Ellie took a very long nap in Mama’s arms). And Saturday evening ended with the record player on and Daddy and Ellie dancing to Sinatra, Elvis and the 5th Dimension. Sunday we wanted to check out the California Strawberry Festival which was in the next town over. Besides an adorable sun hat we found for Ellie, the festival was a big disappointment. More money pit and less festival. After a very pricey, not so good lunch, we made our exit and enjoyed the rest of  sunday at home, gardening a little bit, cleaning a little bit and relaxing a little bit. How was your weekend?

*joining Amanda for Weekending.