A Day in The City

on the train

in the ergo


boston strong

quincy market

crossing the busy streets

boston common

duck pond

botanical gardens


swan boats

swan boat fun

daddy and boo

back to the trains

If there was ever a place to feel truly like an American, the glorious city of Boston is that place. Every time I visit I love exploring this fantastic town. I feel like I’ve gone back in time with all the old, historical buildings and churches and I always wonder what the founding fathers (and mothers) would think of this bustling city now?

Today was Ellie’s first visit to the city of Boston. She took her first train ride into the city, watching out the windows as the houses and trees zipped by. She made friends with fellow train riders, waving to people and cooing at them. She stayed close to Mama in the ergo when we first walked through the city. She took it all in instantly, looking around at the buses, lights, nosies and masses of people walking everywhere. We went to Fanuiel Hall and Quincy Market for pizza. Then we walked all the way back to Boston Common where we sat and ate and let Ellie crawl around on the grass. The weather was warm and breezy, perfect for discovering a city for the very first time. After lunch we walked around the Common, past the Frog pond where Jeff’s family had taken me iceskating years ago. We strolled through the botanical gardens and stood in line for the Swan Boats. A delightful ride around the lake, we saw ducks with their ducklings and swans resting in the shade. Then as Ellie began to yawn, we headed back to the train and made our way home to Nana and Papa’s house for an afternoon nap. An exciting first trip to city for one little girl.