yellow flowers

fun work

neat wish plants



picnic fun


yummy food

record music time


dancing to sinatra

strawberry festival



The weather was beautiful this weekend and we wanted to get out as much as possible to enjoy it! We enjoyed a wonderful picnic in the park with new friends on saturday. Ellie got to play with baby friends while Mama and Daddy chatted and enjoyed yummy picnic food (these new friends of ours can sure cook)! I got lots of time to work on Cory’s fun peacock sampler. I’m learning all sorts of new stitches thanks to you tube. Jeff and I had a little impromptu date of farmers market cherries, Β lemon quartz cheese and the final episode of The Office (while Ellie took a very long nap in Mama’s arms). And Saturday evening ended with the record player on and Daddy and Ellie dancing to Sinatra, Elvis and the 5th Dimension. Sunday we wanted to check out the California Strawberry Festival which was in the next town over. Besides an adorable sun hat we found for Ellie, the festival was a big disappointment. More money pit and less festival. After a very pricey, not so good lunch, we made our exit and enjoyed the rest of Β sunday at home, gardening a little bit, cleaning a little bit and relaxing a little bit. How was your weekend?

*joining Amanda for Weekending.


16 thoughts on “Weekending!

    • You lived in Oxnard/Ventura area?! What a small world. I grew up in Thousand Oaks not too far from Oxnard and I don’t remember ever going to the festival as a kid. Now I know why. πŸ™‚

  1. Look at all that sunshine, colour, yummy food and creative projects πŸ™‚ Sounds like a fantastic weekend was had πŸ™‚

    Enjoy your week!

  2. the sunhat is super cute, what a sweetie you have there. πŸ™‚ and the sampler… LOVE! we had a dance party at our place as well, pulled out all the old 45s. lol have a blessed week.

    • thank you! Records are so much fun and I’m having a great time sharing some good music with Ellie. Glad you had a nice weekend too! thanks for reading!

  3. Friends to visit with, nice sharing our weekend for a change even though it’s almost complete just Earl and I even at our age. Yours not only sounded lovely, but your photos made it look remarkable. You take some fabulous photos, very professional, beautifullly set up and otherwisel. You’ve got talent young mama. Love the sunhat and Ellie’s a great model.

    • thank you Gramma! I am really enjoying taking photos! My new little hobby. Glad you had a nice weekend too. Hoping the weather is nice out where you are! xoxo!

  4. What a perfect weekend! So great to share your music with your daughter. My dad always sang a Righteous Brothers songs to me when I was little πŸ™‚ She won’t forget that!

    • That’s neat that you remember that and that you have a special place in your heart for the Righteous Brothers. Music has always been a big thing in our family and I’m hoping to instill a love for it in Ellie too.

    • the peacock has been so much fun! I’m looking forward to more embroidery. The coleslaw was excellent. A friend had an abundance of cabbage in her CSA box and she had plenty of coleslaw to share!

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