Weekending: Father’s Day Edition

weekly granola


farmers market baskets

picnic club

shannons shortcake

good beer

picnic fun


bath time

fathers day things

daddy present

hike 1

bee balm

beach hike

beachy rocks

walking the trail



yellow mustard

burrito and shakes

Daddy and his girl




What a glorious weekend! Lots of sunshine! Lots of love and fun! Lots of beer!

Homemade granola, heavy baskets from the farmers market this week(we’re having company this week), and an oh-so-fun picnic in the park with friends. The strawberry shortcake in a jar was made with TLC by a lovely Mama, due to have her first-born any day now. Saturday ended with the regular bath hour and stories with Daddy.

Jeff’s first (official) Fathers Day. Ellie and I made him a book from this place. And Mommy wrote Daddy a note reminding him of all the things I love watching him do with his little girl. We had tea for breakfast and yogurt and homemade granola and then set out for a lovely morning walk/hike along a local beach path. Brunch was breakfast burritos and shakes from another local dive and some play time at the park for Ellie. We even got to visit the local brewery for a special Fathers Day beer.

We had my parents and sisters over for steak and potatoes (Daddies choice) and the joy led into the evening with chatting and play time in the yard. A beautiful Fathers Day Weekend if I do say so myself!

Cheers to all the Dads!

-joining Amanda for Weekending!


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