Making + Listening

making stuff

amelias bunny

bunny parts

Making : I’m almost done with a bunny for a special little girl who’s turning one very soon. Her Mama and I have been friends for ages and our babies are exactly six weeks apart. I’m loving this purple fabric and can’t wait to do more with it. That first picture is my nursing/napping station for afternoon naps these days. I outfit myself with books, sewing and of course the computer. Ellie naps and I get to unwind a bit from the day.

I also finally got the peacock framed and up on the wall.

framed peacock

hung next to soule

I’m really digging the colors of the whole thing. It has a Hawaiian, summertime kind of feel and it really looks lovely next to Amanda’s First Day print. I love art and consider myself a collector of sorts, but it is also really neat to outfit your home with pieces you have created as well. Putting up your own art or in this case, crafts, brings a tender, well-loved feeling to your home. Seeing this on the wall inspires me to make more!

Listening: We haven’t been listening to much this past week. But I am starting to rotate in some summertime tunes like this one while doing dishes and cleaning and a little of this too while we play.

What are you Making + Listening?

Joining Dawn today!


8 thoughts on “Making + Listening

  1. love your bunnies and prints šŸ™‚ what’s the buddhism for mothers with young children like? i’ve been wanting to pick that up ā€“ it’s on my queue. have a lovely weekend! xo

    • thank you Renee! Buddhism for Mothers is a good read so far. I’m halfway through. It has some great tips on staying zen and calm and just looking at motherhood from another angle. I like it.

  2. The peacock looks wonderful! I love the colors too! And the purple print on bunny is so sweet!
    Sorry I am late checking in… I am catching up from our trip to Colorado. Thanks so much for joining in!

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