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walking down the aisle

A single photo. No Words. Capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor, remember. – joining Soulemama. Happy Friday to you!

(Technically this is from last saturday. But I couldn’t help myself).


June Garden Update

We took pretty much everything out of the raised bed and put in new seedlings and this is the result. It’s looking promising so far and I’m excited. We have pumpkins, tomatoes, squash and lettuce growing in the bed. Last year’s cucumber surprisingly came back in one of the planters and our black pearl tomato is already flowering. I would love to plant more out there, we certainly have room for more beds, but Jeff hasn’t gotten the chance to build any more and so our garden remains small this year. But, this is California and the growing season is quite long so there is still time…

raised bed

pumpkin growth

cucumber came back



What are you growing in your garden?

-joining Amanda today! Hoping to be back next week with Making + Listening.

A History Lesson Indeed

I grew up in California and unfortunately history was not the strong suit in the public schools I attended. I remember the one  U.S. history class I was required to take in high school was taught by the football coach who thought it best we learned from the greats like Matthew Broderick in Glory and Cuba Gooding Jr. in Tuskegee Airmen. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every minute of my U.S. History class but I may have a skewed view of what our nation’s history really looked like.

Even with my mediocre schooling in history, I managed to gain an enjoyment for the subject and love visiting and learning about America’s past. Coming to Boston is always a lesson for me. I come back to California every time, armed with new knowledge about the history of America.

Yesterday the weather was not stellar, so we stayed close to Nana and Papa’s house and decided to finally do the John Adam’s tour (something I had always wanted to do in Jeff’s hometown and something Jeff hadn’t done since he was boy). We only made it into the Adam’s library before Ellie had other plans. Note to self: don’t ever think baby will fall asleep during a walking tour… it will most likely turn into a very upset baby and  a looky loo from other visitors until finally you decide the courteous thing would be to bow out, and exit the tour with said wailing baby and instead buy a history book on the Adams’.

adams academy

museum time

adams st sign

adams house



adams birthplace

We decided to take our own driving tour when Ellie finally decided to drift off to nappynap land in the car seat. As disappointing as it was to miss the house tour, I rather enjoyed driving around the town of Quincy and Braintree. Jeff pointing out not only America’s history, but his own childhood history as well. A park he used to frequent as a child, the ice cream store his brother worked at, his elementary school now the middle school. I loved being passenger to this historical ride and afterward we sat in the driveway waiting for Ellie to wake up and read passages from the books we had bought, learning even more about the establishment of this fine city. A history lesson indeed…


plymouth house

plymouth park

plymouth prk flowers

plymouth baby

captin' o captain

plymouth rock

plymouth rock sign

the landing site

plymouth gift shop?

the skies cleared

baby boo

flower girl


baby sweet

next day brunch

What a whirlwind of a weekend. We made our way to Plymouth, Massachusetts for my brother-in-law’s wedding… on Friday, a rehearsal, a very wet and rainy rehearsal dinner. On saturday, a lovely morning exploring the historic Plymouth and an amazing, clear, sunny and warm afternoon for a beautiful wedding! It was a different experience going to a wedding with an active ten month old but we made it through and she was a hit, my little miss flower girl. Sunday was an after wedding brunch on the shore and a sleepy drive back to Nana and Papa’s house. We have a couple more days here in Massachusetts. We are enjoying every minute of our time here and will miss all of these wonderful family members when we head back to California on Wednesday. How was your weekend?

-joining Amanda today.

Portrait Project


nanas yard

eloise: This is a picture of you in your Nana and Papa’s back yard. We are here in Boston for the week for your Uncle Matt’s wedding. You did really well on the flight here and you are getting comfortable with all your aunties and uncles and cousins. Everyone thinks you look so big since the last time they saw you and they are all so excited to spend this very special week with you. 

-joining Jodi for the 52 project.

A Day in The City

on the train

in the ergo


boston strong

quincy market

crossing the busy streets

boston common

duck pond

botanical gardens


swan boats

swan boat fun

daddy and boo

back to the trains

If there was ever a place to feel truly like an American, the glorious city of Boston is that place. Every time I visit I love exploring this fantastic town. I feel like I’ve gone back in time with all the old, historical buildings and churches and I always wonder what the founding fathers (and mothers) would think of this bustling city now?

Today was Ellie’s first visit to the city of Boston. She took her first train ride into the city, watching out the windows as the houses and trees zipped by. She made friends with fellow train riders, waving to people and cooing at them. She stayed close to Mama in the ergo when we first walked through the city. She took it all in instantly, looking around at the buses, lights, nosies and masses of people walking everywhere. We went to Fanuiel Hall and Quincy Market for pizza. Then we walked all the way back to Boston Common where we sat and ate and let Ellie crawl around on the grass. The weather was warm and breezy, perfect for discovering a city for the very first time. After lunch we walked around the Common, past the Frog pond where Jeff’s family had taken me iceskating years ago. We strolled through the botanical gardens and stood in line for the Swan Boats. A delightful ride around the lake, we saw ducks with their ducklings and swans resting in the shade. Then as Ellie began to yawn, we headed back to the train and made our way home to Nana and Papa’s house for an afternoon nap. An exciting first trip to city for one little girl.

Eloise’s Monthly Photo: 10 Months!

10 month ellie

This picture says it all! The other pictures were just as busy (this was the only one that was somewhat in focus)! You are busy little one and keeping Mama and Daddy on their toes! You love crawling all over the place and exploring. You are enjoying things that once you were afraid of (the bath, the sand, the grass). You are talkative and making all sorts of sounds. You are eating more and more solid food but still prefer Mama’s milk. You are the most wonderful, tiring, little thing in the world! Love you my silly, sweet ten month old baby girl!

xoxo, Mama


sick dog


at the park


park sand play


tea and banana


lomg hair


short hair


shannon's softie


handmade card




char says dont go!


After a beautiful, sunny Friday at the park, we thought for sure the weekend would be one of the warm, summery kind… we were mistaken. The fog rolled in and it was here to stay. We also had a little sick dog on our hands for the beginning of the weekend. Nothing starts a saturday morning quite like waking up to dog throw up ALL OVER your bedroom carpet. We’re not quite sure what Charlotte got into but she definitely got it all out. Jeff had to bring our poor girl into the vet first thing because she started breathing funny and shaking after all the throwing up but after getting rehydrated and given anti-nausea meds, she was quickly back to her silly frenchie self.

I finally got my hair cut this weekend. It has been over two years since I had it cut and it was time. I was hoping to donate it to locks of love but surprisingly didn’t have enough usable length. So I kept the cut simple and still longish (Jeff likes it long). It’s much easier to handle now, fresh and almost looks darker to me for some reason.

The rest of the weekend was low key. I finished a special softie for a good friend’s baby shower, spiffed it up with a handmade card, bought her one of these and tied the whole present up with a bow. We took naps, practiced our standing skills, had more tea (banana for Ellie) and I even put on socks it was so darn cold this weekend! We’re packing for our trip to Boston. We leave on Tuesday so I may be absent from this space for a bit. How was your weekend?


*that adorable chicken bib on Ellie is courtesy of this lovely lady.

*Joining Amanda for Weekending!

Portrait Project



eloise: it’s neat to watch you with bigger kids. You got to play with your cousins (my very young, first cousins) and I loved watching the engaged, interested way you interacted with them. And again at the park with a little girl this week; you were rolling your ball to her and following her around on all fours. It’s a whole new realm now, you are growing into a social little girl and I can already see you want to get out into the world, meet people and play away!

*joining jodi for the lovely 52 project!

My favorites from last week : I loved this magical shot. This sweet girl and her freckles. And what a cute snail!