Eloise’s Monthly Photo: 10 Months!

10 month ellie

This picture says it all! The other pictures were just as busy (this was the only one that was somewhat in focus)! You are busy little one and keeping Mama and Daddy on their toes! You love crawling all over the place and exploring. You are enjoying things that once you were afraid of (the bath, the sand, the grass). You are talkative and making all sorts of sounds. You are eating more and more solid food but still prefer Mama’s milk. You are the most wonderful, tiring, little thing in the world! Love you my silly, sweet ten month old baby girl!

xoxo, Mama


2 thoughts on “Eloise’s Monthly Photo: 10 Months!

  1. There’s those dang ads again ruining my enjoyment of your blog and the only way I can get rid of them is to upgrade wordpress which I don’t even have. I hate that folks out there can mess around with MY computer pleasure like reading your blogs and enjoying all the great photos and your chats about your life as a mom and wife. Love them otherwise. Guess I’ll have to tolerated them and focus on your family, kiddo. Happy 10 months birthday to Ellliekat..

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