A History Lesson Indeed

I grew up in California and unfortunately history was not the strong suit in the public schools I attended. I remember the one  U.S. history class I was required to take in high school was taught by the football coach who thought it best we learned from the greats like Matthew Broderick in Glory and Cuba Gooding Jr. in Tuskegee Airmen. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every minute of my U.S. History class but I may have a skewed view of what our nation’s history really looked like.

Even with my mediocre schooling in history, I managed to gain an enjoyment for the subject and love visiting and learning about America’s past. Coming to Boston is always a lesson for me. I come back to California every time, armed with new knowledge about the history of America.

Yesterday the weather was not stellar, so we stayed close to Nana and Papa’s house and decided to finally do the John Adam’s tour (something I had always wanted to do in Jeff’s hometown and something Jeff hadn’t done since he was boy). We only made it into the Adam’s library before Ellie had other plans. Note to self: don’t ever think baby will fall asleep during a walking tour… it will most likely turn into a very upset baby and  a looky loo from other visitors until finally you decide the courteous thing would be to bow out, and exit the tour with said wailing baby and instead buy a history book on the Adams’.

adams academy

museum time

adams st sign

adams house



adams birthplace

We decided to take our own driving tour when Ellie finally decided to drift off to nappynap land in the car seat. As disappointing as it was to miss the house tour, I rather enjoyed driving around the town of Quincy and Braintree. Jeff pointing out not only America’s history, but his own childhood history as well. A park he used to frequent as a child, the ice cream store his brother worked at, his elementary school now the middle school. I loved being passenger to this historical ride and afterward we sat in the driveway waiting for Ellie to wake up and read passages from the books we had bought, learning even more about the establishment of this fine city. A history lesson indeed…