Portrait Project


good shot

eloise: it was hard for me to choose this week, but this picture just says summer-time and cuteness all rolled up into one. You were trying raspberries for the first time (hence the red bits around your mouth), but what I really like about this shot is how your eyes sparkle and shine and the fact that you can see that second tooth popping through too! You are growing up so quickly all of a sudden. So much new hair, new teeth, new words, new baby signs and so much personality now. You certainly are my sunshine, raspberry face and all! 

*It was my birthday this week too and my wonderful husband surprised me with a new lens. I’m learning slowly but this is one of the shots I took with the new lens this week. I’m glad I have a very cute someone to practice on every day.

– Last week’s favorites were Abigailandthefuture and a field of flowery goodness and goodmorningclementine’s live action shot.

-joining Jodi and the oh so wonderful 52 project!


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