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“A single moment. No words. Capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.”

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Bits and Bobs and Carousel Horses

We’re gearing up for Ellie’s second birthday around here. I’ve been trying to finish up on some special decorations.
horses drawn

I bought these little wooden horses in hopes of making a carousel centerpiece. I’m not sure how it will all come out or even if it will at all, but I’ve been busy sanding, and sketching designs. I also started using my wood burner I got for my birthday. It’s going to take lots of practice to get good, but it’s been fun, wood-burning the designs into these horses.
wood burningNext up is painting them and then figuring out how to make a carousel stand.

In other news, I’ve been rearranging areas…
sheep skins

Adding some sheep skin rugs to Ellie’s play areas to encourage play.
swap goodies

Getting my swap goodies all set to send out.
baby bugReading about the beach and then visiting the beach.
cookingTrying to get into the kitchen to cook some more (although, as you can see, a clingy toddler who just wants to dance, makes that difficult sometimes).
first lollipop

And someone had her very first licks of a lollipop (Daddy thankfully finished it).
mike gets a lick

But not before Mike the Peg Doll gets a lick.

I leave you with one of my favorite daily views….
calming viewHope you are having a nice start to your week.

Late June Garden and other bits

june garden

The garden is flourishing. All of a sudden, things just seem to be taking off. We have corn (that we are attempting to pollinate by hand), lots of kale (once again), tomatoes that are finally showing some buds, a few carrots and some broccoli and pumpkins galore! Plus, Jeff’s hop vine is growing pretty steadily too.




garden late june

As you can see, I pulled out all that kale in the first garden box. It now has a new home with a man who traded us for the flower box. It’s so much fun eating from the garden. Tonight we had home-grown swiss chard, kale and spinach tossed into a pasta dish. The best!
miss rumphius

I just finished making another story telling set for my etsy shop. It’s one of my favorite all time children’s books, Miss Rumphius. It was so much fun making this little set. I almost want to keep it for myself.
miss rumphius too


She even has a pocket on the opposite side to peek out of (or to keep your lupine seeds).

belugaI’m lucky to belong to a few wonderful online communities of incredible artisans of children’s toys and lucky enough to sometimes get toys for trade. Ellie received a beautiful wooden Beluga whale in the mail this week. I’m as smitten with the whale as she is. It’s a beautifully handcrafted toy and Ellie has been thrilled that her fish and mermaid have a new friend. You can check out Allison’s shop here. There are so many fantastic artisans out there. I’m hoping one day to be able to make these little wooden creatures too. They are just so magical.
fishy friends


baby beluga

She also made the connection that her beluga whale was in a book too. We’ve been singing lots of Baby Beluga around these parts.

So that’s what’s happening in these late days of June…. Tomorrow is my birthday and then next week I go in for some oral surgery to hopefully fix some tooth aches as well as a lot of sinus trouble I’ve been having. Wish me luck. I may not be in this space very much next week but I’ll try to at least make it for next week’s portrait project.

Weekending: Father’s Day Edition!

A fabulous Father’s Day Weekend with farmers markets, visits to the sea center and walks through the native garden, homemade potato salad and summer kale salad from the garden. Tee Pee tunnels, handprints by Ellie and paintings by Mama. Sun tea and local coffee, steaks and chicken on the grill. Dancing and bluegrass and after dinner walks and kite flying. A fun weekend to celebrate the joys of fatherhood with my Dad and with Jeff- Two amazing fathers! Hoping all of the fathers out there had a glorious day!

farmers market load


father shirt


fathers day loot

daddy and ellie


sea center


torey pine

potato salad

sun tea

gma and e dance

gpa and e

gpas painting


strawberry kale salad



fathers day 2014


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Portrait Project


good shot

eloise: it was hard for me to choose this week, but this picture just says summer-time and cuteness all rolled up into one. You were trying raspberries for the first time (hence the red bits around your mouth), but what I really like about this shot is how your eyes sparkle and shine and the fact that you can see that second tooth popping through too! You are growing up so quickly all of a sudden. So much new hair, new teeth, new words, new baby signs and so much personality now. You certainly are my sunshine, raspberry face and all! 

*It was my birthday this week too and my wonderful husband surprised me with a new lens. I’m learning slowly but this is one of the shots I took with the new lens this week. I’m glad I have a very cute someone to practice on every day.

– Last week’s favorites were Abigailandthefuture and a field of flowery goodness and goodmorningclementine’s live action shot.

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