Weekending: Father’s Day Edition!

A fabulous Father’s Day Weekend with farmers markets, visits to the sea center and walks through the native garden, homemade potato salad and summer kale salad from the garden. Tee Pee tunnels, handprints by Ellie and paintings by Mama. Sun tea and local coffee, steaks and chicken on the grill. Dancing and bluegrass and after dinner walks and kite flying. A fun weekend to celebrate the joys of fatherhood with my Dad and with Jeff- Two amazing fathers! Hoping all of the fathers out there had a glorious day!

farmers market load


father shirt


fathers day loot

daddy and ellie


sea center


torey pine

potato salad

sun tea

gma and e dance

gpa and e

gpas painting


strawberry kale salad



fathers day 2014


*joining in with Pumpkin Sunrise and Weekending.


4 thoughts on “Weekending: Father’s Day Edition!

  1. I love the tee shirts! Especially the element one, fantastic! Looks like a full full weekend with celebrating and being with family. That makes a weekend perfection.

  2. Love seeing your Father’s Day celebration weekend. Looks like it couldn’t have been better. Lots of my favorite dads there

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