Bits and Bobs and Carousel Horses

We’re gearing up for Ellie’s second birthday around here. I’ve been trying to finish up on some special decorations.
horses drawn

I bought these little wooden horses in hopes of making a carousel centerpiece. I’m not sure how it will all come out or even if it will at all, but I’ve been busy sanding, and sketching designs. I also started using my wood burner I got for my birthday. It’s going to take lots of practice to get good, but it’s been fun, wood-burning the designs into these horses.
wood burningNext up is painting them and then figuring out how to make a carousel stand.

In other news, I’ve been rearranging areas…
sheep skins

Adding some sheep skin rugs to Ellie’s play areas to encourage play.
swap goodies

Getting my swap goodies all set to send out.
baby bugReading about the beach and then visiting the beach.
cookingTrying to get into the kitchen to cook some more (although, as you can see, a clingy toddler who just wants to dance, makes that difficult sometimes).
first lollipop

And someone had her very first licks of a lollipop (Daddy thankfully finished it).
mike gets a lick

But not before Mike the Peg Doll gets a lick.

I leave you with one of my favorite daily views….
calming viewHope you are having a nice start to your week.


3 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs and Carousel Horses

  1. Amy and Alyssa arrive today, Earl and I have a new mattress, am washing new sheets for all, will write more later. Nothing creative going on today, just; a hard workout at PT.

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