This weekend we went to Ojai Day  which happens to be a neighboring town for us. It was a vibrant, colorful festival of the town itself, with local artisans (@finchleystitches is the lovely embroidered art pictured here) and music, animals for the children to see and an incredible display of yarn bombing, that was just spectacular to see. The rest of the weekend was spent doing chores and taking it easy. How was your weekend?

Ojai Day

pat the bear

color fun

fun umbrella

finchley stitches











yarn bombs

close up



walking through

reach up

lift up

- joining Pumpkin sunrise! 

Portrait Project

42/52eloise: you are looking more and more like a little kid and less like my baby these days. You want to put your shoes on and pick out your clothes all by yourself. You get quiet and sullen when you are feeling uncomfortable or sad. You throw your toys or roll around on the ground when you’re angry. You tell me “I yuv you Mama.” And hold tight to my neck when I pick you up. You tell me, “Milk makes me happy Mama.”

You helped pick Dada’s pumpkin and you found the perfect little one for you. Then you wanted to find one for Pink Baby too. I’m often bone tired at the end of the day with the non stop play and emotions and struggles this age brings. But, I am seeing a little person forming here. A sweet, spunky, loving, determined little person. And I’m just so blessed to be watching you grow.

-joining Jodi for the 52 project! 

(A Very Late) Weekending: Pumpkin Edition

pumpkin patch tractor

pumpkins galore

walking through pumpkins



picking pumpkins

big one

pretty pumpkins

hot pumpkin

pretty pumpkin

hay ride


counting pumpkins

wheelbarough full

gramma helps


A morning at the pumpkin patch. We had planned to take a drive to a bigger farm and patch that day but things didn’t quite work out, so we headed about 5 minutes away to our local patch. It was another very hot weekend, so it was a sweaty and quick trip to the pumpkin patch this year, but I think Ellie enjoyed herself very much. We visited with the animals, picked our pumpkins and got to take a hay ride to the original part of the farm. The end of the day was spent with the grandparents (who helped Ellie carve her pumpkin) and for dessert, some festive brew served in a cinnamon sugar rimmed glass.
The rest of the weekend was for laundry and rest and catching up on odds and ends.

*Just for fun, Last year’s pumpkin patch visit, the year before that!

How was your weekend?

Portrait Project

41/52eloise: you sit in your room with a band-aid in your hand. We had walked all the way to the store on a very hot afternoon to buy you some band aids that you had requested after falling down and scraping your knee. When we bought them, you didn’t want to put one on your boo boo. In fact, you seemed frightened by the idea, that just seconds before, you had been giddy about. So we walked all the way back home carrying the box of band aids and you sat in your room holding them. Carrying them around like little paper princess medals (you chose the pink princess ones, of course). Once you figured out how to open one, you were eager to open them all. But put one on your boo boo? No way. They go on top of your pants, that way everyone can see where you have a wound. ;) 


-joining Jodi for the 52 project!