Spring time Egg Suncatcher

I’ve been wanting to introduce some type of activity with clear contact paper for some time now. I thought Ellie would enjoy sticking things onto the contact paper and she’s getting older to where projects of this kind may be of more interest to her. I stumbled upon this easter craft on pinterest and thought it would be a lovely way to bring some natural elements into the home as well as enjoy a lovely walk with my little girl.

picking flowers
We took a walk around our neighborhood and I explained to her that we were going to collect flowers to bring home for a project. She wanted to carry her nature bag AND the little gathering basket we sometimes take on walks and we talked about only picking the flowers we found that were NOT in our neighbors yards. Luckily for us, we discovered a whole new world of weedy flowers I never knew existed until now.
through the gate

purple flowers

flower basket

I let her pick a few flowers from our yard and we found some flowers and petals that had fallen off the plants too. So we came home with quite an array. I cut out an egg-shaped piece of contact paper, taped it to her table and we worked together to place the flowers on the sticky side. She liked laying all her flowers out first and then liked pulling petals off of flowers and sticking them to the contact paper.


arrangement too

cut out

flower petal placing

flower petals all over

finished project

When Ellie was done, I stuck another piece of contact paper against it and then stuck it up on our back window with washi tape, to create a stained glass flower egg.

close up egg

easter egg extraordinarie


We started out the weekend with a bit of spring cleaning and then off to the farmers market (it’s become our Saturday ritual once again, which we like).
Eating fresh strawberry’s.
Listening to local fiddlers.
And then off to Gramma and Grandpa’s house where we ran Gramma ragged climbing trees and chasing Ellie around.
Sunday morning I spent with a good Mama friend, making crafts for the kids (A Mama crafting morning). Ellie seems to be enjoying her color matching game. (Thank you Heather for all the hard work you put into these and for the lovely morning!)

Then we spent the afternoon down by the Marina with Gramma and Grandpa, flying kites, drinking afternoon coffee and tasting a bit of  ice cream.

How was your weekend?

cleaning house

farmers market fun

strawberry yum

fiddlers 3

tree fun

tree fun 2


modge podge

color game

color fun


gpa kite

pretty babe

iick of icecream


Playing along with Amanda over at The Habit.

Portrait Project



eloise: This week’s portrait was so hard to decide. I had two other photos I was struggling with posting… but this one stuck out for me because you look so old. Like I’m looking at you at age 8 or 10. You are becoming your very own person. Deciding what to wear in the mornings, where your toys go, what paint you’d like to use and whether you will be painting by brush or by hand. You are even starting to use your name when referring to things. “Eh-ya”, as you point to the straw hat on the store shelf. “You like that hat Ellie?” “Eh-ya” you say again and push your pointer finger against your cheek to make sure I know who you mean. As you can see, it was clearly “Eh-ya’s” hat. So we brought it home. 

- joining Jodi and the 52 project

Gramma’s Easel

When I was a young child living in Hawaii (my Dad was in the air force during my early years) , my mom would take me to a local park for “play mornings”. I don’t remember much about it, but I think it was like Gymboree or Mommy and Me before there was such a thing. Anyway, at play mornings we got to do all sorts of fun things like painting and playdoh. My mom took those ideas home with her and I remember many childhood days of arts and crafts at home, my mom cooking playdoh on the stove for us or creating tabletop easels. The other day, I asked her how she made those easels so I could make one for Ellie. A couple of days later she showed up with this box, all ready for some contact paper to complete it.

box easel

She took a large box and cut it just so, to create a triangular shape, one side being larger than the other.

other side

contact paper

Then I added some pretty contact paper to cover all of the sides of the box. And then cut two slits in the top for the clothespins to attach.

set up

I set the easel up outside (because it was such a lovely day and for easy clean up). Ellie wanted to use finger paints and not the paintbrushes so I placed the paints in a plastic bin (her palette) and let her do her thing. As you can see, she enjoyed the process very much.

feet and paint

mixing colors

front view




side view 2


Thank you Gramma (Mom)!  Just like I so enjoyed painting on an easel like this one so many years ago, I’m certain Ellie will enjoy her experiences with this homemade easel as well!



farmers market iris'

art show

gramma and boo

beach squirells


averys presents

A for Avery

green ride up

birthday party

birthday girl

a and e

kite 1

kite 2

kite 3

kite 4

close up kite


wagon to the park

ellie flies

kite string

moon and the kite

It was quite the busy weekend, which I’m sure you could gather from all of the many photos! We visited the farmers market and a small local craft show (I got some crafty goodness), walked down to the beach boardwalk with Ellie’s Grandparents and watched the beach squirrels skitter around the rocks. Sunday we traveled down the 126 for one of my oldest’s friends baby’s first birthday (I made her little felt veggies, painted her an A wreath and of course had to bring her one of Cory’s lovely onesies too). We got to spend the morning with some good friends and their little ones and then the rest of the day was spent at the beach and the park flying kites! Oh what fun it was to fly a kite for the first time with Ellie.

Let’s go fly a kite
Up to the highest height!
Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let’s go fly a kite!

How was your weekend?
-Joining the lovely Amanda over at the Habit!