Portrait Project 11-23


eloise: you are looking so grown up these days. You wanted to bring your money to the zoo today to buy something. So you zipped it up in your nature vest. You picked out a toy, paid for it on your own and put your change away. For some reason it was like watching a big kid do all of that! Where did my little baby go?



Eloise: it’s good to be a kid on a warm spring day.





eloise: spaghetti and strawberry shortcake on a Sunday afternoon. What’s better than that?!





Eloise: we got to raise silkworms this year. I thought I had bought them from an educational website but it turned out these silk worms were feeder worms. So we spent the next week trying to gather mulberry leaves anywhere we could. I even bought two tiny trees to try and grow more. It was an epic failure. But not to you. We hatched one silk moth and you had one glorious day with her before she also succomed to the fate of the other worms. You carried this moth everywhere though and just loved her with all your might for this one day.



Eloise: it’s been all about butterflies this week. We are reading about them and raising them and you are loving to pretend to be a butterfly! Here you are during our morning lessons, sipping nectar (tea) like a butterfly.



Eloise: we went camping this week with all our friends! We almost didn’t make it because you came down with a cold, but you rested at home the first day and we drove up for one fun filled day and night of camping at Jalama Beach. We found fossils, dug in the sand, played games, ate s’mores and enjoyed being with friends! A fantastic camping trip even if you were a bit snotty.



Eloise: it’s Spring and the lupine and yellow mustard are in full bloom! We’ve been trying to get out into nature more often and when we do it warms the soul for both of us!



Eloise: it was May Day this week and we enjoyed making flower cones for neighbors, having a May Day party for Homeschool club with a May pole and singing and dancing and everything. It was lovely!



Eloise: our mornings consist of math (counting, simple addition and subtraction) , reading and writing and all sorts of other wonderful things. I love spending this one on one time with you. Sometimes we butt heads but other times it’s pure joy getting to teach you and be your kindergarten teacher.



Eloise: we took a little weekend trip to San Diego and stopped in your birth town , Irvine for lunch. Your Dada and I showed you around some of our favorite places and then in San Diego, we had a wonderful time with friends.



Eloise: some days we just need to refocus, take a walk and pick wildflowers



Eloise: yoga and cooking class! You love these weekly classes that you take with homeschool friends. You come home and want to show us the latest yoga position or you cook your vegan chocolate sauce for pancake Saturday mornings. I love seeing the joy in your face when I drop you off!



Eloise: look at this cricket I caught Mama!! It’s amazing!!!


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