a little introduction

I have always been a writer. When I moved in with my husband he wondered why I had so many plastic tubs full of notebooks (that filled his garage to the brim). I told him they were my journals. One for pretty much every year I was alive since I was about eight. Add my stories, my poems, my nature journals, my books of songs and anything else I wanted to write down and you have an extraordinary amount of stuff written down. I rarely go into those tubs and read anything I wrote as a kid. I find it self involved and dramatic. And yet, here I am writing on a blog. A blog I have been struggling with writing now for almost a year. I wanted to write, I didn’t want to write. I didn’t want the whole world to read my writing and then I feared the world wouldn’t want to read what I had to say. I think I finally decided to start this because I have been so truly inspired by so many blogs I have discovered over the past year. These inspirational blogs touch on marriage, children, gardening, decorating, organic lifestyles and so much more. These topics interest me now more than ever and reading their stories and seeing their lives has influenced me on so many levels. I wanted to document my own journey through marriage and how I am trying to create a loving, warm, organic, creative, green life. So… here we go…


One thought on “a little introduction

  1. Summer! Your blog is amazing!!! I love it. I made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Congrats on putting yourself out there. Its so rewarding.

    I love you!!!

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