Monday Musings

Good Morning! I thought I would begin the week by creating a series of Monday Musings… things I’ve been particularly excited about, listening to, reading, discovered online… Hopefully they will be interesting to you as well!

… I’m spending a lot of time reading this.

We’ve been cooking from and loving this cookbook/book.

I can’t get enough of this music (check out all of his albums- you won’t be disappointed)!

And at work the kids and I are enjoying this lovely c.d.

I just bought me some of these to make my bulk bin buys a little greener

And I am pondering buying my doggies this and this because well,

they are just so darn cute!

I received this in the mail this past weekend and I am quickly pouring through its beautiful pages.

And something for fun because I can’t believe I am already thinking about Halloween!

Happy Monday!


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