Monday Musings

My husband and I only have five days before we leave for our trip so I’ve been checking out all sorts of restaurants and other fun things to see and do in Maine and along the way. Anything we should put on our list?

Here are some things that I’ve been musing over…

Making sure we have reservations for next week.

I wanted to start on my anniversary gift for Jeff. It’s actually a collaboration between us. Since it’s our Second Anniversary I thought an anniversary quilt was in order. He’s picking the fabric out and I will put it together for us.

Loving this book. It’s making me want to learn all I can about preserving food!

I love this idea of capturing your garden in its different phases. I’ve taken lots of pictures of my own garden, but I will for sure try this idea next spring.

Someone posted this on Facebook and I can not get enough of it. People are so clever!

I love this screen printed fabric and I am loving these towels too!

I’m hoping we get a chance to go here next week and here for some good eats.

Happy Monday! (the photo is one from my container garden… I love it’s fairy like qualities)


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