A Terrific Trip

I have been meaning to get to the wonderful trip I took with my husband back to the east coast so here’s a peek into our quick but glorious week out east…

Every year we try and visit my husband’s family in Boston. I have always gone either during the summer or the winter. It has always been really sticky hot or very freezing cold, so it was exciting to finally get to visit during the fall and as I’m a California girl it was also going to be a highlight to see the much anticipated foliage of the east. We spent a few days in Boston visiting with family and friends and then the two of us headed up the coast to Maine. This had also been something I had always wanted to do and we thought October would be the perfect traveling weather to do so. It certainly was beautiful weather. In fact almost too nice. I was hoping for more of that fallish crisp air and it was in fact almost 80 for most of the days we were there. It was lovely stopping in all of the coastal villages along the way to Portland. I loved the town of York where we got to see our first lighthouse of the trip.

and another highlight off the beaten path- Popham Beach State Park.  We spent awhile out there walking along the beach, sitting on driftwood and just relaxing by the shore.

We stayed in some lovely bed and breakfasts while in Portland (we stayed here and here if you’re curious), my husband was patient with my requests to stop in every yarn and fabric store up the coast. We had dinner at a fantastic, original restaurant and we even stopped at “the best lobster roll shack in Maine”.

But, I think my favorite thing was walking through Portland’s Farmers Market. Oh boy was it different than the ones here in Southern California.

rows and rows of delectable vegetables and fruits, an array of color and freshness that I have never seen in California.

It really felt like fall seeing all those heirloom pumpkins and ghords, corn and apples. Never have I seen so many varieties of pumpkin. It was so much fun walking through the market. I couldn’t leave this beautiful farmers market without anything so we bought some homemade cheese and apple cider for the road back to Boston.

We spent a few more days in Massachusetts, said our sad farewells and had a very good flight back to California. I love the east coast and all its beauty and after spending time in Maine and specifically Portland, I now have a fondness for the quirky, historic port city. For this California girl, the east coast certainly has a piece of my heart.


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