Monday Musings

It was quite a long weekend with sick dogs, a husband away, dollhouse renovations and a lovely visit with friends. But, I managed to get a lot done and even become inspired by a few things I found this past week. I hope you become inspired too…

– Just finished this book. And I’m now trying to see things in a different perspective.

– My good friend’s hard work is finally paying off in this beautiful, and delicate collection.

– Love this idea of bringing good local food, farms and lovely dinners together and when they are in California, I will be sure to try it out.

– Would like to try this challenge but not sure if I have it in me yet.

– A wonderful young lady at the Farmers Market we go to every weekend gave me a few eco-friendly links to check out. I had no idea  this (and this) was so close to me!

– Planning on attending this next weekend with my beer savvy husband.

-Planning on also attending this next sunday to hopefully boost my dollhouse’s furnishings.

– And I finally caved and signed on to this and boy has it been inspirational as well as a time sucker! I can spend hours looking at things here!


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