In The Garden

I’ve finally gotten some new fall plantings in my balcony garden. I did a bit of an overhaul on our kitchen balcony. I took out the table and chairs which we never used because they were all inhabited by vegetables in pots. And I brought in a bigger trough with a trellis. I planted some snow peas that will hopefully start creeping up the trellis and providing us with some yummy winter peas.

I also planted some celery in there with the peas and next to the trough is my beautiful blooming brocoli and swiss chard.

I also planted some carrot seedlings I bought from a lady at the farmers market close to my parents house. They’re actually called “cosmic purple” which I thought was adorable. I just love using the old crates I find at the antique market to plant in too.

And last but not least I planted a box of cool weather lettuces and some Kale from seed. I haven’t had much luck with lettuce this year, but I’m trying it again, hoping that in the cooler weather they may fair better.

I’m still moving containers of plants around on both balconies… trying to maximize light and space but its been pretty challenging. I’m wanting to grow so much more than the space I currently have and because I am such a novice gardener, I am still killing plants on a regular basis and having to replace, try again, or resign to the fact that I just can’t grow certain vegetables on my little covered balconies. It is pretty fantastic though when a plant produces and I have had several success’ this year. Gardening was always something I never thought I would take up, but I am so glad I did, even  if I have more failures than success. When that little plant is transplanted into the cool dirt and packed in gently by my eager, hopeful hands and then weeks later that plant grows and produces a bright, juicy, delicious tomato or a little canary yellow pepper… it really seems worth it to keep going and keep growing.


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