May Garden Journal

I have not been tending to my container garden all too well this year. Being seven months pregnant, I’m finding myself doing a lot of other things instead. But, I have been trying to at least keep up with watering. The miraculous things about plants is that they tend to be very forgiving even if I find them wilty or yellowing. I am vowing to do better next month with this years container garden and also vowing to get more posts up about the progress of my garden.

The thyme seems to be happily growing.

The beans and peas did not fair too well in this container but I am getting some cucumber blossoms that I am training up some sticks to the trellis. I did pretty well last year with some persian cucumbers and I’m hoping I get the same effect with these two plants.

Getting my first tomatoes on that amazing Home Depot tomato plant I bought like five years ago! That plant seems to die every year and then it comes back like magic and usually produces the most fruit of any tomato plant!

Mint is growing wild, although I think its stretching out to try and get more sun. Not sure if I should leave it where it is or move it or cut some of the mint back to get it to grow in closer to the soil. Last years mint was a sad disaster so I am wary of doing anything to jeopardize this small crop. Loving how it looks in that old seven up box I found at the antique market though.

The ground cherries are needing to be planted outside. They are already sporting some cherry blooms. That’s something I need to put on the list for sometime this week.

And last but not least, I had to share a picture of my husband’s new addition to our container balcony garden. He has been very busy brewing beer in the garage and has been extremely interested in really delving into the whole beer making process, including the growing of the plants involved in beer making. So, he’s now growing hops on our balcony. They are neat looking little plants and popped up out of the ground quickly from rhizomes. Supposedly these little guys can get quite large and viney, so hopefully before that happens our little balcony garden will become a backyard garden soon…

Happy Gardening and Happy May!


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