Garden Update – June 2012

It’s June and my balcony container garden is finally looking green and growing seemingly well. However, we are finding that with this summer heat comes the bugs. My mint, which seems to be growing quite nicely, is also being eaten alive by little green caterpillars. I am out there almost every morning, picking them off and squishing the little buggers between my fingers, but they have proved difficult to find. This morning I discovered five of them! Hopefully I can get them under control.

I have a teeny tiny yellow bell pepper growing. The plant is much smaller than last years, but it seems to be producing faster than last year’s.

Planted some new basil in that previous lettuce bin. I think it just might be hot enough for the basil now. The basil I planted earlier in the late spring did not fair very well with  all the June gloom, but these seem to be happy so far. Hoping they last for us to make pesto with!

These are the ground cherries I started from seed. My second year trying these guys out. I didn’t plant as many as I did last year. These seem to be doing okay so far. Just waiting for the husks to turn yellow and for them to fall to try the little cherries.

And here is the first cherry tomato of the season from that crazy Home Depot tomato plant. Jeff was so gracious to model the red beauty and the two of us cut it in half and tasted the first product of the summer season. Nothing like a homegrown cherry tomato! I have about 5 different types of tomato plants this year that I grew from seed, so I am looking forward to all the different types of tomatoes we will get to try this year. Maybe I will even be able to make some tomato chutney.

I found these little wild flowers blooming this morning in the tomato container. It’s amazing they popped up because I do believe these are from our wedding wildflower mix we sprinkled over things almost 3 years ago! Even in container gardening you sometimes have surprises and this was a lovely one!

These mini cucumbers have been touch and go. I had beans planted in this container and they did horrible. The cucumbers are doing a bit better. I haven’t had one grow completely, so we shall see. I don’t think they are getting enough sun in this space, but not quite sure how to fix that on our little balcony. Lots of blooms though, so that is hopefully a good sign.

And I had to end with a picture of my husband’s pride and joy- the Hop plant. It is growing like a weed and we are hoping it slows down a bit so that we can keep it with us. They do get quite large, but it’s been fun to see it grow so quickly and twirl around things like a grape vine. My husband is eager to learn as much as he can about the plant and maybe one day we’ll be growing a lot more of them on a lot more land.

It’s the end of June, How does your garden grow?


3 thoughts on “Garden Update – June 2012

    • Do you mean the vintage seven up planter? or the long cucumber planter? The vintage planter I picked up from our local antique market (as well as planter the basil is in) and the long cucumber planter is from Home Depot. We needed something small enough to fit on the balcony but wide enough to fit several different plants.

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