End of Summer Garden Update

Our patio garden is officially dead. The heat, the caterpillars, the mites and our lack of tending because of the presence of a certain adorable bundle of joy, have all contributed to our lack luster garden this year.

The caterpillars have eaten their fill of the mint. I just can’t seem to keep up with finding and squishing them.

The basil has all flowered and wilted and the last of the cherry tomatoes are ripening.

Even the hop plant is being eaten by bugs and looks to be on its last legs as well.

Jeff and I are thinking of scraping everything and starting up again in the fall. Maybe with some fresh herbs and fallish veggies. We shall see. Our lives are very busy right now tending to a new one and giving her as much of ourselves as we can in these special, early weeks of her life.

How is your garden looking this September?





2 thoughts on “End of Summer Garden Update

  1. It has just been too hot! I certainly can’t boast about my garden either. I’m thinking of trying a winter garden. I love the baby you are growing!

  2. When you are tending a new baby, enjoying lots of company and you’ve had plenty of that, there’s not much time for tending to a garden, but hope you’ve enjoyed it all so far. It looks like Eloise is thriving due to her loving attention from each and every one of you. I look forward to seeing the “fall” garden. Love to all, Gramma

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