October Garden Update

I’ve finally made it back out to the balcony garden. It was looking so sad and brown out there every time I walked by the sliding glass door. My wonderful mother came by for a few hours this weekend and knowing baby E was in very good hands with her Gramma, I took advantage and got out there to garden and spruce the patio up again.


I planted a late summer squash plant I thought might still grow in this California autumn heat and I picked up some 45 day container cabbage. I have no experience whatsoever with cabbage but it sounded cool and anything that’s supposedly  “good in containers” gets a try out in my garden. I also planted some swiss chard which I have had some experience with and I’m hoping they do well this winter because Jeff loves chard and it would save us some money at the farmers market not to have to buy it.




I planted some new basil in a different area to see if the difference in sunlight makes a difference in growth. And some new oregano and rosemary in the planters too. I added some pretty purple flowers to give the garden some color. I couldn’t help myself.


The only thing that made it from the summer garden was the spicy basil which flowered but looks really nice with its purple color. We have a little hummingbird who comes to visit the basil every day, so I’m letting it flower to encourage his presence.


Jeff’s hops have browned up and are cut back for the winter but I saved some of the browned cones. I think they are lovely little things and have them displayed in the house in a mason jar. I also cut off the last of the mini yellow peppers. The last of the sad summer crop we had. Hoping next summer we will have a bigger place with plenty of room to grow more produce of our own. As for now, we will have to do with our little balcony gardens.



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