The Fall weather has finally shown it’s face here in California. It was overcast and cloudy with a bit of sprinkles here and there over the weekend. Perfect pumpkin pancake and Martha Stewart Living weather. Perfect deep thinking weather. Which I have been doing a lot of lately. It’s been ripe with change here in our household. My husband took a new job, quit a job he’s been at for the past seven years, I found us a new place to live, in a city I have never lived in before (although its very close to my hometown), we put in our notice to leave this apartment, we are headed cross country for the first time with baby girl for Jeff’s sister’s wedding and then we move the weekend we come back. A lot of change happening in a very short amount of time. This change is a good thing though. We will be closer to my parents, we will have so much more space in this new place (A house! We’re renting a whole house!), Jeff gets to work from home with this new job and the dogs will finally have a yard. This past weekend was bittersweet though knowing it was our last real weekend here in Orange County. Neither of us has really felt like Orange County was home. We had very mixed feelings about the neighborhood we lived in and the surrounding areas in general, but now that we’re leaving, I have been thinking about all the things I will miss about living here. We went to our favorite places this weekend, said goodbye to our Farmers Market and the vendors we have come to know so well. We went to our favorite vietnamese sandwich place and  took Ellie to her first pumpkin patch at a local farm we would occasionally visit. (She slept through the whole thing).






I’m excited and anxious for the next chapter in our lives. A new area to get to know. A new farmers market to find. A bigger house to enjoy and make our own. Grandparents who are just up the road instead of hours away. A husband who will be home all day. A lot of change but most of it, very good. So long Orange County. I may not love you but I do love the memories I made here. My husband proposed to me in Newport Beach. We adopted both of our doggies here. We both worked here for over five years making many work friends. We had some fantastic neighbors. And, the best thing about Orange County- my baby girl was born here. These things I will remember fondly about our time here, but I am ready to move on…



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