A New Market

Jeff and I loved our old farmers market in Orange County. It’s one of the things I will miss most about our life there. We had formed friendships with many of the vendors, learned a lot from them about locally grown food and how to cook and serve unique produce. We looked forward to sundays and spending those couple hours connecting with the community and enjoying each others interest in good food. We even had a photographer take photos of us one last time at our beloved sunday market. So of course finding a suitable farmers market in our new area to replace our old one seemed like a daunting task. And I’m not sure any market will quite hold up to the one in Orange County. It wasn’t like the produce was even that special or extraordinary, it had just become a special routine to go every sunday, to fill our baskets with good fruits and vegetables and enjoy good music and good hardworking people. A friend who lives in our new neighborhood told us about a great market about 25 minutes away. We welcomed the idea of hopefully finding our new farmers market routine and if not, at least to get some local produce and check out our new surroundings.





The market was a lovely one. Tucked into a valley up in the hills, it seemed to be a hidden gem of a market. Beautiful locally grown apples, persimmons, leeks and onions, honey, candles, bread, grass fed meat and artisan cheeses. They even had a lady selling dairy free chocolates. It was a very nice outing and we were both impressed with what our new home’s surroundings had to offer us.


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