I’m so in love…

People tell you, you will never know true love until you stare into the eyes of your baby. Or course I always believed I would fall in love with my baby the moment she was born and I truly feel like I did, but no one quite explains that you keep falling in love more and more every day.

I just can’t believe how much I love this little baby girl. I love holding her in my arms and watching her explore this fascinating world around her, I love singing to her and watching her light up when I sing a particular song she likes (right now it’s the theme song from Hook and One Less Bell to Answer).

I love how she’s wanting to hold my hand when I sit with her in the back of the car and falls asleep still grasping it. I love nursing her and seeing her tired eyes flutter open and closed while she rests her hand on my breast. I love when she pulls off and smiles a great big smile at me and then goes right back to nursing again.

I love reading to her and thinking about all the books I will someday get to read to her, all the stories and novels I have been wanting to read aloud like the Madeline L’Engle books and Pippi Longstocking and Where The Red Fern Grows.

I love that she’s starting to want me now. She’ll hear my voice and turn toward me giving me the look to pick her up or take her from Daddy. I love that she needs me next to her to fall asleep at night.

I love dreaming up what she may be like as a toddler, a teenager, an adult. I love watching her grow so quickly already. She’s no longer just falling asleep on my chest, she actually has to be put down for naps now. She’s starting to roll over a bit and is paying more attention to toys now.

She is my darling little girl and my heart swells with joy each morning when I get to see that smiling face. It’s an incredible feeling of over powering love that just seems to get stronger and stronger each day I spend with her. Yes, I am anxious all the time with this new role of mother and sometimes there are incredibly tough days with little sleep and lots of tears (by baby and mama), but I have also found that I’m singing more and smiling more and laughing more. And the love that I feel for this baby girl is so intense and strong. It is nothing I have ever felt before. Life is good. I’m in love.








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