Fluff While Traveling

travel fluffThis was the first time we took the cloth diapers while traveling. I was a little reluctant but since we were going to be gone for two weeks, I didn’t want her in disposable for that long and a little part of me wanted to see how hard it actually would be. It turned out to be pretty darn easy. Luckily, we had the in-laws washer and dryer. I ended up bringing more diapers than I needed but I only had to wash every few days which was nice. We did occasionally use disposables at night and while on the plane but I feel better about taking the plunge and bringing them. I brought a wide assortment. I had about twelve pocket diapers, two Grovia covers with about seven inserts. I brought my cloth wipes (in that little stripy bag) and two wet bags. Next trip I may dare myself to go complete fluff- even on the plane.


One thought on “Fluff While Traveling

  1. good for you! when we travel i use cloth diapers if we’re staying with someone and have easy access to w/d – glad to know i’m not the only one 🙂

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