A Room To Get Crafty In

craft room 1

craft chest closed

craft chest open

other craft closet

craft table

diaper stash

a little one

Welcome to my new and improved craft room! It’s starting to really look crafty these days and not just like a “catch all, spare bedroom”. I’ve always wanted a room to organize and make into my own crafty space. An atilier, a studio, a room I could spend all day in sewing and crafting. Of course, with a little one in tow, crafts, specifically ones that you can not finish while nursing are off the table for now. But some day soon, I will be able to really get in there and start crafting. This past weekend, we moved a couple large pieces of furniture out of Ellie’s room and down here. I emptied the craft chest of cloth diapers and picture books and replaced them with my fabric supplies. I moved the other shelf into the closet and organized craft and office supplies in there and we moved my old desk into the room (Jeff found a beauty of a desk on craigslist a couple months back for his office, so this one is mine again). This desk serves as my sewing station and at the moment the diaper changing station as well. Cloth diapers are stored below in a wire basket that was gifted to us. (If you hadn’t guessed it, this is the changing baby room as well as Summer’s craft room).

The main wall of the room is hung with one of my favorite antique market finds- a very retro crazy quilt made from really rough and colorful materials. It’s nothing you’d want to cuddle with but I think it gives this room an awesome colorful vibe. I store my modest collection of records here too and these days you can find Ellie and I listening to some vintage Reading Rainbow or Gershwin albums. I have a long way to go with this little room to make it into a true craft room, but it’s getting there and I like what I have so far…


12 thoughts on “A Room To Get Crafty In

  1. Wow, wow, wow! Lovely, lovely, lovely! Your craft room is beautiful – I am sure lots of beautiful things will come out of it, too πŸ™‚

    I keep trying to carve out a craft space in our house, but I am not succeeding at the moment. What used to be my craft room now also acts as an office for my freelance work and a storage area…hmmmm…not very good combos, eh? You’ve inspired me to do something about it πŸ™‚

  2. Wow is right. Took me about forty years to have a studio and even now the computer is in here too and that does not encourage hard work. It’s beautiful and I think you’re smart to get something like that going so you can do your thing whenever you can. I encourage all young stay at home moms to have something of their own to enjoy without the kids or husband. Good for you. It’s important. Love the nifty chests and design of the entire space. You did good.

    • Your studio is what I would dream to have one day! But it is nice to have a space carved out for my own creativity. Hoping Ellie enjoys making things too one day! Thanks for your kind words! xoxo!

  3. That quilt is really great. What an awesome find.
    Getting organized is the best. Great for fueling creativity. Your room looks bright and ready for making.
    The listening sounds awesome too!

    • thank you! Yes, the quilt is like a piece of art! Isn’t it funny what a little organizing can inspire? πŸ™‚ Thanks for visiting my space!

  4. I love your set up! right now my time is swamped with gardening and hiking, perhaps this winter I can make the time and a space to get craftier πŸ™‚

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