in the process

ellie helps

done with embroidery

peacock different angle

end of the day

ellies back

MAKING: Yay! I finished embroidering the Peacock! It was so much fun and I am hooked! (I wanted to post earlier today but I’ve been busy walking the streets with a teething baby, so these pictures are a bit shadowy at the end of the day- I kind of liked the way they came out). But, I managed to get it done here and there and I even added some fabric to the ends. I’m very much looking forward to framing my Spring Peacock.


LISTENING: I received this in the mail this week and I have been playing it whenever I get the chance. I’m a huge fan of Broadway (for those of you who do not know me personally) and a huge fan of Audra McDonald from back when she was in Ragtime. I’ve followed her career, got to see her sing once at Pepperdine University in Malibu and one of my guilty pleasures was the drama Private Practice which she  had a role in for awhile. I’m so glad she has gone back to her Broadway roots though. The songs she chose for this album are lovely and dreamy and just plain good.

*joining Dawn for Making + Listening this Thursday.


8 thoughts on “Making+Listening

    • She wasn’t in the last season but she was why I had started watching in the first place… her and Taye Diggs (who is married to Idina Menzel).

  1. The peacock looks great. Your stitches are wonderful. I like that daisy print on the edge too!
    I will have to do some listening tomorrow when the house is awake. She is new to me!
    Thanks for joining in!
    Hope the teething pains get better soon!

    • Thanks Dawn! If you looked really close you would see what a novice I am with my stitches. But I’m learning and it was fun! Audra is new to you?! Oh if you like “musicals” you will love her beautiful, broadway voice! Thanks so much!

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