Portrait Project



eloise: this week you have been a rascal! Those teeth have still not come in, even though we can feel nubs pushing their way out. This has made for a grumpy baby. However, I think you have quite the personality shining through too. You know what you want and you let us know! You are throwing your body back when we try to put you in the car seat or the stroller. You will slap food away when we offer it and sometimes throw whatever is in your hand. You are struggling through every diaper and clothing change. You are quite the rascal these days! We’re trying our best to be patient and parent gently. All these tough times are worth it though when you snuggle in close to us at night. You cuddled into Daddy’s chest while we took the dogs for their walk and he melted with love. You curled up with me while I rocked you to sleep the other night and I hugged you close and breathed your sweet smell in. We love you our spirited girl! And we hope those teeth come in soon too!

*joining Jodi for the lovely 52 project!

Last week I loved this photo, this one and this!


One thought on “Portrait Project

  1. Maybe she’s going through the terrible twos now and getting it over with. Hang in there good parents and ignore some of it when she pulls these tricks on you.

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