The Tao of Cloth


cloth angle 2

cloth angle 3

I’ve been asked by many people if cloth diapering is hard? Doesn’t it take up so much time? Aren’t you always doing laundry? I am doing laundry a lot these days, but cloth diapering has become so second nature I don’t notice the extra load any more. In fact, it’s a routine I rather enjoy. ย I hear that a lot from my cloth diapering Mama friends too. It’s not like regular laundry. It’s laundry that becomes almost like a meditation. There is a rhythm to washing your little ones diapers that brings a quiet serenity. Every other day I wash the diapers, carefully pulling covers from the wash and drying many of the inserts. I take the wet covers outside with me and hang each one carefully on the line, making sure the sun shines the stains out. It’s here that I feel the warmth of the mid-morning sun. I take an extra long breath and smile at the colorful banner I’ve just created, spread across the yard. Ellie helps me now. She sits in the grass and pulls out the diapers one by one and waves them in the air proudly. She likes standing up, hanging onto the laundry basket. The moment is hers too.

another shot

baby helps

ive got one!

helping mama

The line drying is only the beginning of the cloth ritual. When the diapers are dry and fluffy we shuttle them inside and begin the process of stuffing them or putting them together, preparing them for the day. Inserts are put in piles according to the type of diaper they belong to. Velcro is inspected for fuzz and each diaper is lovingly put together again, all ready for my baby girl to wear. Nice and clean, soft and fluffy. There’s something soothing and comforting about this ritual. A chore with repetitive meditative properties. I smile to myself as I place each finished, put together diaper in the basket. This task is done and my heart and soul are lighter as I scoop my little girl up in my arms and kiss her, patting that soft padded, cloth diapered bum… we’re ready to take on the day.

cloth diapered gal


8 thoughts on “The Tao of Cloth

  1. Good for you. Glad you’re not putting all those plastic diapers in the dumps where they’ll sit forever and not decompose. I loved folding the ones all my youngun’s used and still used them afterwards for lovely dust cloths. Thank you, Summer, Jeff and Ellie. Cute pics too.

    • Thank you! That was a big reason why we chose to cloth diaper. Plus the money aspect seemed very appealing too. We’ve saved A LOT of money doing it this way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What a beautiful post. We use cloth diapers too, except were using prefolds which tend to be much baggier…
    I have a heck of a time not making them stiff after drying in the sunshine though, any tricks you have to share!? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • We used prefolds in the beginning. They were just too tricky for me to do all the time though. Jeff was surprisingly great at them so he used them on Ellie longer than I did. The only trick I have is to toss everything in the dryer for 5 minutes to fluff because yes, even my covers get stiff. The sun is phenomenal for stains though!

  3. If you have kids, get used to laundry, lol. Good for you! If I’d known how high tech modern cloth diapers were, I’d totally have done it too.

  4. i love this post for so very many different reasons! i simply love hanging washing on the line โ€“ tricky over here as the sun rarely shines. fantastic pics and post, summer ๐Ÿ™‚

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