Making + Listening : Birthday Edition

MAKING: Yesterday was Jeff’s birthday. Being that it was a Wednesday workday, the day was pretty much like every other but I hoped we made it a little more special with some presents (primarily beer/brew books for my brewer husband) and some homemade goodies as well.

birthday loot

Beer books, beer t-shirt, a framed picture of Daddy with his little girl for his home office and a little something I whipped up- an embroidered (freehand) Hop plant.


daddy and boo open presents

i want that

reading up on hops

he likes it

I’m also going to include the cake I made for Jeff’s birthday. I was so excited about it because it was a Chocolate Beer Cake and I spent the night before and the morning of working my butt off to make it with a little girl tugging at my heels the whole time. It was an adorable cake but looks can unfortunatly be deceiving. I’m not sure where I went wrong but let’s just say we only had one piece. Tomorrow I plan to stick to what I know best and make it up to him with some chocolate chip cookies.

the cake

with candles

one slice

At least he got a good wish out of the cake!

As for LISTENING: Of course we have sung Happy Birthday a few times to dear old Dad this week but other than that we’ve been rotating between that Steve Martin c.d., some Sinatra and a bit of Elizabeth Mitchell while we play and fold laundry.

*joining Dawn with Making and Listening.


4 thoughts on “Making + Listening : Birthday Edition

  1. Well, the cake sure looked great, so it had to have been pretty yummy. Nice birthday gig you came up with Summer. You’re wonderful. Loved reading about everything. Always do.

  2. Looks like a great birthday celebration!
    Love the embroidery.
    I have had my share of cake flops. Much to the kids delight I have been trying it new cake recipes weeks before birthday celebrations. They are always happy to be my taste testers.
    Thanks for joinin in this week!

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