Right Now…

sick baby


sick baby reads books


sleeping sick baby


Right now…

– we’re spending a lot of time upstairs in bed with a baby who’s still fighting a bug since coming home from Washington.

-we’re snuggling under covers and trying to stay warm with this strange chilly , windy Ventura weather.

– we’re planning a first birthday party from a laptop computer while a sick baby sleeps.

-we’re reading this book over and over and over again. Ellie points to the Mommy hen and says “Mama!”

-we’re drinking lots of tea with honey in hopes of not getting sick ourselves.


4 thoughts on “Right Now…

  1. ohhhh…so sorry to hear young ellie is unwell and poorly. sending lots of love and healing wishes. keep happy and healthy! xo
    ps – when is ellie’s birthday? you might have told me before…sorry if you already have…my brain is quite mushy these days! eep.

    • thank you Renee. She’s feeling better today thank goodness. She turns 1 on August 5th! 🙂 (We are celebrating with a party on the 4th though). 🙂

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