mammal hall

bears oh my!

lookiin at spiders

through the screen



tinkertoy fun



in the garden

walking and idleing

playing in the creek


i found a rock!

on a log

goodbye museum!

We had a wonderful weekend and spent a very special Sunday down in Santa Barbara at the Museum of Natural History. We had never been and found a real treasure! It was very child-friendly and Ellie seemed to just devour every new room we brought her into. There were areas for her to crawl around within the museum and there were children’s books about certain subjects (like insects) in many of the rooms as well. We got to see mammals of North America, birds, giant squid, minerals, real live insects and Ellie explored their tinker-toy lab which she thoroughly enjoyed. There was an amazing outdoor area with rocks to climb on and sticks to build with and even a little stream with buckets for children to fill water and rocks with. It was a lovely place to visit and I’m certain we will return.

*joining Amanda for Weekending!


2 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. Ellie is a little person now and interested in everything around her. This sure shows that. What fun for all of you. Good parenting. Congrats to all of you.

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