Around Here

It’s been a touch and go kind of week around here. My twelve-month old is getting close to walking and therefore has decided she doesn’t like to nap or sleep at night and I think two new teeth are making their appearance which isn’t helping the sleep department either.



sand play


the library


the wagon


This tired mama has been making lots of quick and easy dinners (like these great black-bean chullupas, recipe courtesy of Ellie’s Great-Grandma). We’ve also been spending lots of time playing and exploring in Ellie’s new sandbox (thank you Nana and Papa!). I took Ellie to visit the local library for the first time (she loved it and continuously signed “books” while we were there). And there have been lots of evening walks in the wagon with “pink baby” and the doggies.


6 thoughts on “Around Here

  1. She is so dang cute, but sure has her own way of doing things. Look at that intelligent face, but isn’t it also like…..I’ve got your number, Mom. She’s something else!

  2. ok. that last photo made me smile. and it’s hard to get me to really smile at photos.
    I mean, there are so freaking many all over the place of kids.
    p.s. and a star wars shirt? come on! too cute!

  3. Such lovely images, Summer! I’ve missed visiting my fave spaces – this is deffo one of them 🙂 Hang in there, Mama – I am right with you as Bea is going through some very challenging toddler developmental/transitional stages…not sleeping by herself anymore (I have to be with her for aaaages until she falls asleep), major separation anxiety and also now starting to wean herself from the breast…possibly molars coming through as well. Yikes! All in time for her second birthday on Tuesday. Oh…and I loooove that wagon 🙂 xo

    • Thank you Renee. It’s been a tough couple weeks. But like all of the tough ones before this, they wax and wane. I just need to remember to breathe and enjoy the good moments, which are many! I’m sorry to hear Bea is having some sleep issues too. It must be all this growing that gets these little guys off kilter. 🙂 Happy Birthday to Bea! Hope you had a lovely celebration!

  4. Makaia started walking a few days ago! She is only 9.5 months old!! I am so not ready for it yet! She is way ahead of her sister.
    That wagon looks like lots of fun. Too bad they don’t make them for tired mamas! I hope she starts sleeping more soon.

    • oh my already?! You are going to have your hands full! 🙂 That’s very exciting though! Ellie is almost there, scaling walls and such and taking a step here or there… lots of growing these little ones are doing and SO quickly!

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