Making + Listening

I’ve been MAKING a lot of dinners these days. Jeff is working later and in attempting to keep a steady routine in this household, I have taken over dinner duty. The crock pot has been a dear friend of mine but I’m also trying out some new recipes here and there. My Grandmother makes a wonderful split pea soup that I tried to reproduce last night. Mine was a bit more paste-y and less soupy, but Ellie seemed to enjoy it.

exploring texture






hand in soup


There has been a lot of trying to feed ones self around here. She’s certainly enjoying sensory experiences!

As for LISTENING, we have had the record player on in the afternoons with some old fashioned Broadway tunes, Auntie Lindsey (my SIL living with us as of last month) has played this for Ellie several times to Ellie’s utter and complete joy and a friend lent us these videos to get Ellie and I signing and singing.

-joining Dawn for Making + Listening today!


4 thoughts on “Making + Listening

  1. Ooops, guess I never mentioned the approximate amount of water. Next time of course, cover the split peas with enough water but add more if it’s too thick, mashing the peas till their smooth. Looks like a fun meal for Ellie however. Sorry ’bout that.

    • yes, I’m thinking water is exactly what it was lacking. šŸ™‚ I will try again (although Jeff is wanting to try too… his, I’m sure will be up to par with yours), šŸ™‚

  2. Fun days of beginning self feeding. Love!
    Split peas have an amazing ability to turn to mortar that I swear could be used to build a brick wall. I always have to add more water šŸ™‚
    Good tunes playing at your house!
    Thanks for sharing again this week!

  3. These pictures are fab! They made me laugh, especially the second one ā€“ look at the concentration on that sweet little face! Let me know how you and Ellie get on with the signing ā€“ I tried with Bea but she didn’t take to it…she is quite the chatterbox now, though! Hahah!

    Happy weekend šŸ™‚ xoxo

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