Soulful September 2:4

“May I be happy

May I be safe

May I be well

May I be peaceful”

– from Sarah Napthali’s Buddhism for Mother’s of Young Children

white flowers

It’s the second week of my soulful september. Every day I read something, write something, move, and meditate. I have to be honest with you. It’s been tough truly doing and finding time for all of these things every day. I’m wanting each of them to be so meaningful and I’m struggling with not being able to put in all the effort I want while tending to the needs of others and keeping house. I am keeping a written list by my bed of the things I’m doing every day and the first couple days went very well and the next couple days I didn’t even have time to write anything down! But, the month has just begun and there is still so much time to fill up this Soulful September. So, I’m staying optimistic and will continue on…

Some of last weeks reading:

This lovely article about Charlotte’s Web.

Chapters from Buddhism For Mothers of Young Children

Chapters from Wabi Sabi: Timeless wisdom for a stress-free life

This witty piece about a pig and buying local.

Moving, has been mostly walks with the dogs or walks with Ellie.  Jeff and I are really enjoying our evening walks. Ellie gets wrapped up in the rainbow wrap, dogs get a slow but steady neighborhood walk and we get to really talk and connect. Jeff has even decided to do his own 30 day challenge, keeping a food diary, getting out to exercise every day and once a week getting out into the garage for some woodworking. He’s hoping to finish a wood project by the end of the month. If nothing else, this project has inspired him and that makes my soul happy in itself! I’d also like to incorporate some yoga or stretching into my morning rhythm as well, so that’s something I’ll be working toward.

Writing and meditating have been the toughest to fit in. I try to blog as often as I can (so I’m counting that as writing), I also occasionally write for this website, but I would like to do more journaling with pen and paper and I’m working on fitting that in daily. Meditating happens in the daily flow. I try to breathe in and out and smile when taking a walk outside. Before bed I try to say a mantra to let go of all the thoughts in my head. I would like to spend maybe 15 minutes a day really meditating and connecting with my breath, so that will be a work in progress as well.

How are your challenges going? What are you working on this month?


6 thoughts on “Soulful September 2:4

  1. I’m learning to be okay with not getting everything done each day and keep our meals more simple, dinner anyway. Meditating while walking is as healthy as sitting in pose which I cannot do anyway. You do more than any mother of a youngster Ellie’s age than I’ve ever known, so let that go if you only get some of your plans and challenges completed each day. Just a suggestion. I also affirm each night before I go to sleep that all my children and grands and great grands that you are safe, healthy and happy. I’ll have to add peaceful.

    • thank you for your always wonderful, kind and great comments Gramma. I’m so glad we have this way to communicate. Almost like writing letter again huh? 🙂 I have learned a lot from you and I’m still learning from you. So glad to have you a part of this chapter in my life. Much love!

  2. I’m guilty of doing too much all the time. I would say that is a challenge with myself, slow down!! Although I feel that this time of the year is for gardening and preserving, and my energy pays off in the winter months when we have a stocked up cupboard. I spend lots of reading time in the winter, as we tend to get snowed in, it often forces you to take things easy and relax more. Even the power goes out during a bad snow storm and cut’s out the power, something I secretly love as I have an evening or day away from technology.

    I read almost every time I’m nursing the baby. I usually go through a couple of novels a month and then study permaculture/horticulture/gardening etc on the side (I was just sent my first homesteading book to write a review for!). Reading is something that helps ground me.

    I really want to start meditating and doing yoga every day like I use to, but’s it’s so hard when the kids are climbing all over you and when the baby is napping I just want to sit and listen to nothing or catch up on emails. I find that life has become an almost meditative state when things get challenging. Children are always testing the limits of patience, so I spend my days telling myself to ‘breathe in, breathe out, then respond’ which is much harder to say than practice on those sleep deprived days!

    Your an amazing mama! I enjoy reading what you’re up to via your blog. I have a hard time blogging during the summer, but hopefully come fall/winter I can write more about the girls and home life.

    • You have been so inspiring with everything you’ve done with your homestead! I hope to accomplish half of what you are doing someday! Congrats on the review! That’s fantastic and you are the perfect woman for the job! I’m thinking you are ready to write your own book soon too!
      I like your idea of “life becoming an almost meditative state.” I agree. There are times when I’m watching ELlie play or nursing her, or lying next to her while she sleeps and I am in such a peaceful place. I can focus perfectly on my breathe as if I was in a yoga studio. Thank you for reading Isis and I in turn enjoy reading about your lovely life on your blog. xoxo!

  3. Oh Summer! So many things on this post are things I am trying to do myself 🙂 Imagine if we lived closer to each other – we can go out for cups of tea and chats! Lots to talk about. I, too, am trying to incorporate more yoga, meditation, writing and creativity in my life (not so easy with all else going on, right?). I am actually due to start my yoga teacher training course next month (I am very excited about this – a very big 40th birthday gift to myself!) to get back into my yoga and meditation practice.

    Self-care is good, but we must also remember to go easy on ourselves if we don’t ‘meet’ our goals the way we want to. We can encourage and support each other on our journeys 🙂

    And thank you so much for that book recommendation – I keep coming across it…it must be a sign! I have added it to my list.

    Oh yes – walking is good 🙂 So is breathing 🙂

    Enjoy the journey and every moment. Remember: you are enough.


    • Oh Renee! I so wish we lived closer because I think we would be having tea very often! Congrats on the yoga teacher training! That is SO neat and inspiring! You will have to keep me updated on how it all turns out. I have been practicing off and on for years now but still consider myself very beginner. (I’m the gal the teacher always comes over to help into a pose). 🙂 I do love what it does to my body and for my soul despite my clumsy ways. You are right about going easy on ourselves. It’s difficult when you have a vision of what you want for yourself and also taking care of other people and really wanting to put your all into that as well. It is what it is and I am thankful for the journey I am on wherever it leads me. 🙂 Thank you for always being there Renee! You are a sister in my tribe! xoxo!

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