Making + Listening + Soulful September

a new project

in the process



a felt board for Ellie

MAKING: Inspired by a friend’s fireplace turned felt board, I realized it was high time I made a felt board for Ellie. We don’t have much space for an extra-large one at the moment, but I came across a piece of lightweight wood that fit perfectly in Ellie’s toy corner in the living room. I staple-gunned the felt to the wood and nailed it to the wall. Easy peasy. However, I have become obsessed with making little felt story people now. Any extra time has been devoted to coming up with new little felt guys. I started with “slippery fish” (an old preschool tune perfect for toddlers to follow along) and I’m working on the characters from Polar bear, Polar bear, since Ellie is very into these stories at the moment. It’s been a fun new project and I’m excited to start using the felt board for new ways to stimulate and entertain my busy 13 month old!

banjo music

LISTENING: Ellie and I took a walk to our local record store Β this week, in search of some inspiration for Daddy’s new-found love for anything Banjo. We’ve been enjoying a lot of new (new to us) bluegrass these days and looking forward to hearing Daddy play more tunes as well.

As for Soulful September... this is the last week of my soulful september. I’ve learned a lot about balance and what I can and cannot fit into my days right now with a 13 month old at my heels. I do want to do more of these types of challenges. I think it keeps my soul healthy and even though at times I found it frustrating that I couldn’t get everything done in a day, it was helpful to have a goal in mind to keep me motivated.

Reading: Jeff passed this piece along by Steve Martin about his banjo playing journey which I found an interesting read.

Moving: Never got past the walking every day and doing my physical therapy exercises (almost) every day. But I’m calling it a success, because I did get outside moving.

Writing: I think starting Amanda’s writing course on the 30th is definitely a good move. I’ll be keeping my writing going even after Soulful September and learning and growing through this anticipated course.

Meditating: This is the one that has fallen by the way side more times than not. It’s just so very difficult to get any “quiet” time when you are caring for a toddler all day and night. I want to work on this and as Ellie get’s older, I’m hoping I can even get back to my yoga practice outside the house every once in a while to really focus on my meditation practices.

-joining Dawn for Making and Listening (and ending my own Soulful September).


8 thoughts on “Making + Listening + Soulful September

    • ha! I was a little worried revealing that stack of books… especially after reading that piece about what your books say about you on your blog. πŸ™‚ I do love stacks of books though!

  1. I love the felt board! I would love to do similar for H.

    You have a very soulful life, dear friend. Thank you for sharing!

  2. lots of goodness and beauty in this post! yay! i love the idea of a felt board πŸ™‚ yours is fab! and well done on all the soulfulness for your september πŸ™‚

    i’d love to take amanda’s course too – maybe once my yoga course is in hand (it starts late october – it’s a 200 hr course plus homework and it runs until april next year – one weekend/long weekend a month of contact time; the rest is homework and self practice – i am really looking forward to this!) do let me know how you get on and what it’s like – i look forward to reading your pieces πŸ™‚

    i so hear you on the ‘all day and all night’ being on call πŸ™‚ like you, i try to squeeze in some meditation, even if it’s just a minute or two.

    so jeff likes the banjo too? steve likes it too, but he doesn’t have one. we have ukes, though, and we really enjoy them. one time, steve was considering getting a banjo-lele πŸ™‚

    hope you’re having a lovely week! xo

    ps – thank you for the book recommendation from a previous post – i am now reading ‘buddhism for mothers’. wow. i am totally relating to it and it’s speaking to me on many levels!

    • Renee, it sounds like you will have plenty to worry about with your yoga class! I will surely let you know how Amanda’s class goes. I’m a little anxious about the whole thing. All the other lovely ladies who I know have taken it are SO much better at this writing thing than I am. But, I guess that’s why I’m doing it, to better myself. πŸ™‚

      I grew up with ukelele music! We lived in Hawaii when I was very young (my dad was in the air force). The uke still comes out from time to time when I’m at my parents house. My dad can pluck it beautifully. I’ve never heard of a banjo-lele but it sounds wonderful and I think Steve should reconsider! πŸ™‚

      I’m so glad you are enjoying Buddhism for Mothers. I’m still trying to get through it as well as ten other books… but yes, I am enjoying it too, there’s just never enough time!

      much love! xoxo

  3. Love the felt board and all of the creatures you are making. I can easily see how that could become addictive!
    Also can relate to that stack of books. I have only just begun my book clean out and there are many, many more…
    The banjo is great. My father-in-law plays and I love it! I was just thinking of asking him for some new bluegrass recommendations. He just played at a bluegrass festival up in Maine.
    Thanks for joining in this week!

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