Portrait Project


beach girl

eloise: you’re funny, you’re smart, you’re beautiful. You like to dance and push strollers around and walk as far as your little legs can carry you. You give me kisses on my lips because you see me do it that way to Daddy. I never liked the idea of kissing babies on the lips, but you insist and now, it tickles me to no end. You love to laugh and sign “more” when I tickle you. You sign “more” when I sing you songs. You sign “more” when I read you books. You love animals, especially foxes, elephants, cats and your puppy dogs. You like picking things up. Rocks, shells, pokey seed pods. The world has suddenly opened up and you are exploring every inch of it. And, I, your Mama am loving being your guide.

-joining jodi for ten more weeks of the 52 project!


6 thoughts on “Portrait Project

  1. I so enjoy reading what she is up to! Our baby’s favourite sign is ‘all done!’. Aerilaya is 3.5 and she still signs sometimes for food or all done, very neat to see how important that form of communication is even as they get older.
    You are going to love re-reading these when she grows up. I have kept a written one of our girls but I don’t write in it nearly enough.
    I hope your having a great weekend!

    • Baby signs have been wonderful. And I’m surprised when Ellie picks up a new one so quickly.
      I would love to turn the blog into a yearly book (that way I kill two birds with one stone, get the blog written and get our yearly scrapbook made). I just need to figure out how to do that. Hope you had a lovely weekend Isis!

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