An Anniversary Garden

For our anniversary this year, we thought we would stick with the “traditional” fourth year gift of flowers and plants. We both wanted to do something special and so we decided to pull out what was left in the planter boxes and plant an herb garden for the winter. This past weekend we finally got to the garden center and the weather was perfect for some anniversary garden planting.

a peek

new flowers

the garden

side view

other side view

This is our first time growing herbs in a larger space. Usually we stick them in smaller containers but now that Jeff is cooking with them more often, we thought devoting a whole box to many different types would be fun. Our own winter kitchen garden! It was also one of the best anniversary presents. Our whole family got to pick out the plants together, be outside together while planting them and we will all get to enjoy them when they are roasted on the chicken, stirred in with the soup or even mixed in with the homemade bread.


3 thoughts on “An Anniversary Garden

  1. You will definitely remember this anniversary, the gift that keeps on giving! Fresh herbs taste amazing, they make meals spectacular (we love adding fresh basil or sage to pizza topping, yum. We have some perennial ones too that have gotten huge and needed re-planting or given as gifts šŸ™‚ .

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