An Autumn Walk

Despite today’s heat, it’s slowly cooling down around these parts. By evening time, the temperature outside requires a jacket and warm hat. It’s dry, the Santa Ana’s come and go and the leaves on many of the trees have changed to reds and browns. Autumn is subtle around these parts, this I know, but there is a definite change in the season. The light of the sun dips down low very early these days. Our nightly walks with the dogs have been interrupted by the cold and the dark and Jeff now takes them on his own with a flashlight. Ellie and I however, have been taking our own end of the day walks around the neighborhood. Usually we make it to the park. Sometimes it’s collecting leaves and pokey acorn balls on a walk around the block. Today… today we discovered a wish flower, in all it’s autumn glory.

an autumn walk

crunch crunch

happy dance


with her bunny

off to see


half wish

lovey girl

the light shines through

light of love

on the ground

done w wish

back of dress


* the dress top is an adorable find from the local antique market! It reminded me of a little dress I wore when I was little. 


4 thoughts on “An Autumn Walk

  1. Does Mama love Ellie? I think so.
    Lovely blog, sweet little dress, kind of old fashioned and very girly.
    Lovely photography of one beautiful baby.
    Thank you.

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