Wishes for This New Year’s Eve

Sending out wishes to you and yours for a New Year full of love, peace and goodness. From our family to yours. Happy New Year!

11.29.13 Langille Family Web-27

11.29.13 Langille Family Web-30

11.29.13 Langille Family Web-33

11.29.13 Langille Family Web-50

11.29.13 Langille Family Web-46



Love, Summer, Jeff and Eloise

*Pictures from our wonderful session with a dear friend and incredible photographer, Summer Nicole Photography! She has given us some fantastic new prints to put on our walls for 2014! Thank you Summer!


6 thoughts on “Wishes for This New Year’s Eve

  1. Happy New Year to the three of you beautiful wonderful people who are very photogenic. I never get that word correct, is it photographic or photogenic? Should have looked it up first. Anyhow, you all know what I mean.

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