Flea Market Finds

Every Wednesday, you’ll find Ellie and I at the flea market. We spend the morning strolling through aisles of vendors peddling their antique or unwanted wares. We wait for the train to come by and wave at the commuters getting on and off and then head back into the marketplace to see if we can find any treasures. I look forward to Wednesday Flea Market day every week. I’m a sucker for garage sales and thrift stores and this is like one big thrifted garage sale rolled into one. Some days we leave with nothing and others we find fun little treasures for our home collections. We bring our treasures home, spiff them up and bring new life to them.

This week we found a few things:

Some lovely fabric scraps

vintage fabric


fabric bundle


Some New (old) records. I love George Winston and was excited to find his very appropriate Winter to Spring record as well as Autumn.

george winston finds


And we found this fun addition to our musical instrument collection for Ellie.



ellie likes it


Some decent Flea Market finds today!






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