A Very Thoughtful Gift (a blogger swap update)

This past weekend I received an incredible package in the mail. My blogger swap package!

I was so excited to see what I had received and from whom. I was so delighted when I opened up the box and found a menagerie of lovely handmade, incredibly beautiful gifts from this wonderful blogger. In fact, I was touched by the genuine thoughtfulness of the whole package.


She sent a lovely handwritten card, two beautifully made wash cloths, two bars of soap, peppermint honey lip balm (which I’ve used every day since, it’s wonderful!), an incredibly lovely shawl for cooler days and my two favorite articles, the nature bags. There’s the beautiful oatmeal colored one for Mama and the darling sherbet colored one for Ellie! It was so fun presenting Ellie with her very own nature bag. We took them both down to the beach for a bit of nature collecting right away!

trying on her new bag

ellies beach bag

carry it with me

This bag will surely be treasured for years to come. As you can see, it’s already become one of her favorite things. (We even brought it to the library yesterday morning). We also received some artifacts of nature from across the country to add to our collection. I’ve never gotten anything like that before and it’s an extra special kind of gift to receive.

chinese lanterns

My goodness, I was surprised by how generous my blogger swap partner was. This whole swap filled my heart with gladness and joy. It’s made me want to really start sending mail to friends and family, something I long got away from doing. I’m trying my best to keep up this simple joy and pass it on to others who may need a bit of cheering up or even a little note to remind them of how much they mean to me. I’m thankful I participated in this lovely blogger swap. Thank you Amanda for hosting and ten million thank you’s to my swap partner! It’s as if we’ve been friends for a long time. Your handmade treasures will be well-loved in this home.

I am hoping the recipient of my handmade items enjoys them as much as I enjoyed my things. Before sending my package off (it should have already arrived or arrive this week, I hope), I ended up making a couple more things. I found a recipe for citrus salts a while back and wanted to send something “Californian” her way. So, I plucked one of our backyard lemons and made her some Lemony Salt to rub on meat or sprinkle on top of salad or a baked potato. I also added a hand-drawn beach stone into the mix as well. I’ve never made one before, but it was so much fun and turned out lovely I think. I hope it added a bit of the beach to the gift.

lemon salt

beach stone



13 thoughts on “A Very Thoughtful Gift (a blogger swap update)

  1. Wow, what a lovely swap package to receive, so much goodness. Love the little additions to your package. I am still waiting for mine, and as of yet my swap person has not received her package, at least not that I know of. So exciting!

    I have made a habit of sending mail this year, a note a week, and sometimes a little care package as well. It is so much fun, and I love hearing that a little note made someone’s day…such a simple way to show you are thinking of someone.

    • Kim, your nature packages and seeing some of your snail mail was inspiration for me wanting to do more of it as well. šŸ™‚
      I’m hoping you get your blogger swap package soon!

  2. Summer, I am SO SO glad you liked them!!! That picture of Ellie….wow…it brought tears to my eyes. My husband was touched by it too!! Thank you so much for that. I have felt like a little kid waiting for Christmas these past couple of weeks. And it has been incredibly fun to make these things with the two of you in mind. I would like to continue to keep in touch with you. Here, on our blogs but also via “snail mail”. If that is okay with you. I have been wanting to comment on your posts and follow your blog for the past few weeks, haha but stopped myself because I did not want to give it away. Thank you for those lovely pictures.!! Love, Christina

    • Christina, thank you, thank you thank you! I was hoping you would get to see this post today! šŸ™‚ We are loving everything you made us up! And yes, of course I would love to keep in touch! Much love to you as well! xoxo! Summer

  3. Eeeek my package got here today!! I love it! My daughter and I are quite smitten with the coasters and she has requested full borrowing rights. šŸ˜‰ I can’t wait to try the coffee tomorrow, and the salt smells soooo good! The little stone is such a lovely little treasure and is going on my dresser with my other special little things. Thank you so much for all of the care and time you put into everything! I’m off to explore your blog and get to know you a bit!

    • Oh Mackenzie! I’m so glad it arrived! I’m so sorry it took so long for me to get it out to you (and then they told me the other day at the post office it might not arrive till next week if it didn’t get past the weather). So, I’m thrilled it made it to you this week. And I’m so glad you liked it. It was fun getting to know you through your blog. xoxo!

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