Portrait Project



eloise: This week’s portrait was so hard to decide. I had two other photos I was struggling with posting… but this one stuck out for me because you look so old. Like I’m looking at you at age 8 or 10. You are becoming your very own person. Deciding what to wear in the mornings, where your toys go, what paint you’d like to use and whether you will be painting by brush or by hand. You are even starting to use your name when referring to things. “Eh-ya”, as you point to the straw hat on the store shelf. “You like that hat Ellie?” “Eh-ya” you say again and push your pointer finger against your cheek to make sure I know who you mean. As you can see, it was clearly “Eh-ya’s” hat. So we brought it home. 

– joining Jodi and the 52 project


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