Making + Listening

MAKING: Projects in the works… the first being Ellie’s Busy Book that I should have started a year ago (because it looks like its going to be a LOT of work) and I’d planned to have it finished by her second birthday (which is four months away). I’m really hoping I can work and work and work and get it done in time. Here’s what I have so far.
ellies busy book

And I’m being super ambitious and I joined a Facebook sew-along group. One pattern was chosen and we are all making the same pinafore dress. I’m hoping this will help me start sewing clothes (which I’ve always wanted to do but never felt I could). I’m hoping with the online support of other ladies around the country working on the same pattern and giving tips and help along the way, I may be able to pull off my first dress for myself. We shall see.

I bought a sheet at the flea market to practice with. I didn’t want to buy any fancy fabric just yet in case I completely botch it up. If all goes well, I will try my hand at it again with some nicer linen.

I just love the picture of it. It makes me want to buy a farm and feed the chickens and pick flowers in it.

LISTENING: Our music repertoire is consisting mostly of this record (and c.d. in the car) and lots of this song and this song over and over. Oh and we borrowed this on tape at the library. Ellie is loving it!


-joining Dawn for Making and Listening! 


6 thoughts on “Making + Listening

  1. I have the same desire to sew my own clothes, have for years, but haven’t found the courage to give it a go. I picked up some clearance fabric the other day hoping to maybe turn it into a skirt. Good luck with your sewing 🙂

  2. I made several simple dresses for my self when we lived in HI different fabric, same pattern. Loved those dresses, I think they called them shifts. Learned to make Hawaiian shirts for Grampa Frank, turned collars and all, lots of really great fabrics and boy did he ever look great in them. He had the best collection of Hawaiian shirts. He loved even more that he bought too.

    • That is so cool that you used to sew so often. Do you still have your patterns somewhere? I’d love to try one. And I never knew that you used to make Grandpa Hawaiian shirts. I remember him in a blueish one (maybe one you made)? Thank you for sharing! I love hearing these kinds of stories from you. 🙂

    • Allison, so good to see you here again! Are you still blogging? Last time I tried to go to your page it said it no longer existed!

      I use an old singer my Mom got me at a yard sale. Not the fanciest of machine’s but gets the job done. I much prefer to hand sew though and Ellie’s busy book will be done completely by hand. The dress will be attempted on machine. 🙂

      Hope you and your Eloise are well!

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