This Table

*My computer has been on the outs these days (thus the quietness in this space this past week and weekend) so while it’s being worked on, here is a post that I had written a few weeks ago but never published  … hoping to be back up posting regularly soon …



This table has gotten so much use since we brought it home from the antique market last October. While looking through my photos of one single day, I noticed we’d used the table in four different ways just in one day.

Ellie eats breakfast at this table sometimes. And snacks throughout the day.


Art projects are regularly set up here.

art at the table

and of course it’s usually set up differently for play throughout the day. Sometimes with animals and playscapes. Sometimes with nature to count and explore.

nature table

It’s funny how a piece of furniture can be an intricate part of your day. I find Ellie at this table so very often and I love sharing this space with her and keeping it special and hers. It’s exciting to know this piece of furniture will evolve over time to be all sorts of things for her and eventually, when she grows too big for it,  maybe something else for this family entirely. But, right now, it’s Ellie’s table. Ellie’s space.


5 thoughts on “This Table

  1. So cute! That is a beautiful table.
    Our internet was down for a total of 4 days recently. The first day I loved it then I started twitching! I’m thankful for the break though, it’s needed from time to time. I hope you get your computer fixed soon and in the meantime be enjoy less screen time (or maybe your twitching too?! 😉 )

  2. Sweet. So nice to visit here again! It had been a week or so.
    We have been having so many techno problems here, we have very bad reception for phone and internet so there is always an issue!

    • Yes, my photos were actually the problem this time. I had so many on my lap top, I couldn’t load anymore on!! It was a long process to get them all backed up elsewhere this past week. Hoping things are working out now. xoxo! Hope you are well Cory! Happy Mothers Day to you!!

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